“1:15 pm on Saturday”. The hunt for poachers – France 2 – 16 November 2019

A reserve located in the Central African Republic, somewhere between Cameroon and Congo, serves as a sanctuary for several endangered species: forest buffaloes, elephants, gorillas …

A unique and fragile park in which these wild beasts live in their natural habitat, most often in “family”. A space in which the poachers, however, are in search of ivory but also meat to feed or sell.

Goal zero poaching

For this document signed Jean-Sebastien Desbordes, Matthieu Martin and Nicolas Berthelot, the magazine 1:15 pm Saturday (Facebook, Twitter, #1:15 p.m.) followed the work of Guillaume Duboscq, technical adviser to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), today at the head of the anti-poaching unit.

He regularly goes on patrol with the men he trains and advises with the aim of zero poaching, in a country still bearing the marks of civil war and where the population is extremely poor …


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