22 presidential candidatures registered but not yet validated

Of the 147 applications that were withdrawn, the National Electoral Authority had registered 22 at the end of the filing deadline, midnight on 26 October 2019. They must still be approved by the Constitutional Council.

The Independent National Electoral Authority (ANIE) has registered a total of 22 candidates, including two former prime ministers to ousted President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, in the Algerian presidential election scheduled for December 12, announced on October 27, 2019. the official APS agency.

After the expiry of the deadline for filing, on October 26 at midnight, two former Prime Ministers of Mr. Bouteflika, Ali Benflis and Abdelmadjid Tebboune, were among the registered candidates.

Also candidates are Azzedine Mihoubi from the National Democratic Rally (RND) – a pillar of the coalition that supported Bouteflika during his presidency and Abdelkader Bengrina, representative of El-Bina, a small party member of an Islamist coalition, one of whose deputies was elected in September to the presidency of the National Assembly. Abdelaziz Belaid, former executive of the National Liberation Front (FLN) who founded the Front El-Moustakbel, micro-party close to power, also filed his case.

Tebboune and Benflis are favorites in this presidential election, which however is rejected by the protest movement unpublished at the end of February. The power had to cancel, for want of candidates, a first poll scheduled on July 4th. The protest denies that the presidential election is organized by the power, in the hands of ex-personalities of 20 years of presidency of Mr. Bouteflika, forced to resign in April under the combined pressure of the army and the street.

75-year-old Ali Benflis has been running for 15 years as the main opponent of Mr. Bouteflika, where he was head of the government in 2000. He was fired in 2003 and ran against Mr. Bouteflika the following year and again in 2014. He arrives every time 2nd, very far behind the re-elected president with more than 80% of the votes.

For his part, Mr. Tebboune, 73, was a senior civil servant, then several times wali (prefect) before being appointed Minister of Communication Abdelaziz Bouteflika when he came to power in 1999. The latter reminded the government in 2012 and he entrusted his head in May 2017 before sacking him three months later against a background of clan fighting in his entourage.

Anie now has seven days to rule the validity of these candidatures and publish the list of successful candidates, which it must then transmit to the Constitutional Council. The latter must validate the final list of candidates.


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