44 survivors of the attacks of 13-November call to defend the Kurds in Syria

They say fear that Turkey's offensive will allow French jihadists prisoners to escape. “How long will it take for them to hit again?”, They wonder.

More than three weeks after the start of its offensive, Turkey seems to have permanently dislodged Kurds from northern Syria. A situation in which 44 survivors of the 13th November terrorist attacks are concerned: in an appeal published by The Parisian, Thursday, October 31, they declare “(their) support and (their) solidarity with the populations of northern Syria”, who fought the Islamic State group, and ask France and the international community to do the same.

“When in 2015 we were attacked, in our cities and in our streets, when we counted our dead, these Kurds, Arabs, Yazidis, Turkmen, Assyrians, fought together against Daesh, enemy of humanity”write those who have formed a collective of 44.

These survivors of November 13 recall that Kurdish troops were “on the front line, on the ground, in Raqqa, where the Paris bombings were organized”, especially. “Our peace, whatever it is, we estimate the duty to their fight”they continue.

They also fear that the withdrawal of the Kurds will allow “The escape of hundreds of terrorists and, among them, we fear, the most dangerous French jihadists, how long will it take them to strike again?”

The authors of the text say “outraged by the passivity of France and the international community”, and the summons to act: “We call on all the Heads of State of Europe and the world, who in 2015 together said Never again, to take together again, and with the utmost judgment, their responsibilities in the face of history, which neither do not forget or forgive. “

On Wednesday, the French National Assembly unanimously adopted a non-binding proposal for a resolution condemning the Turkish military offensive, and claiming his unwavering support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) “, mainly composed of Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPGs). The Senate voted a similar resolution the week before. On Thursday, Turkey summoned the French ambassador to Ankara in protest of these resolutions.


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