45 years later, “how can he defend himself from this?” Asks the lawyer Alain Jakubowicz

The lawyer Alain Jakubowicz, guest of 8h30 franceinfo Saturday, November 16, 2019. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Since the release of the film I accuse and the accusations of rape and violence against the French-Polish director, the Roman Polanski case divides the film world and beyond. The lawyer Alain Jakubowicz, guest of “8h30 franceinfo” Saturday, November 16th, “hear the word” of the alleged victim, but regrets that “This woman comes to ask for a media condemnation while the justice can not be seized anymore.”

“Facts that go back to 45 years! How do you learn a case of this nature?” wonders Alain Jakubowicz. Valentine Monnier accuses Roman Polanski of having raped her in 1975 in Switzerland, when she was 18 years old. of the facts contested by the lawyer of the director, Me Hervé Temime, and covered by the prescription. “This is a real difficulty, which does not detract from the pain of this woman, no doubt, says the lawyer. One can ask the question: how is it possible to remain silent for 45 years and that it comes out precisely at the time of the release of a film? he will “of course” Watch the movie I accuse. “Roman Polanski has always released films, I know how to make the difference between the man and the professional. “

If Alain Jakubowicz ensures “to hear the word of this woman”, he wonders : “It's the lawyer who gets the upper hand: how can you defend yourself from that?” How can Roman Polanski defend himself from this? What do you want him to say? There is a moment when the person who is accused can not say anything anymore, where the defense becomes almost impossible. And it is even impossible in his case because it will never be prosecuted. We are talking about a man who is 90 – that's not an excuse – facts that go back 45 years …

Wednesday, November 13, the director Nadine Trintignant took the defense of Roman Polanski, on BFMTV: “I find it very serious to bother him at the moment, where there is a rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, the day of the release of his film on Dreyfus”. Alain Jakubowicz refutes this link with antisemitism and sees this statement as “Inappropriate” : “It has absolutely nothing to do, it contributes to the essentialization of society, Roman Polanski, it turns out that he is Jewish, no, it has nothing to do with this issue, neither with for discharge. “


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