5 dead in demonstration after violent clashes

The Sacaba hospital in central Bolivia was overwhelmed on Saturday, November 15 by the influx of wounded. For the first time clashes between protesters and police were held in the stronghold of deposed President Evo Morales. Bilan: five dead and more than thirty wounded among the demonstrators. The police proceed to the arrests. In La Paz, in the capital, protests continue.

Protesters denounce the way Evo Morales was removed from power by the army. “We do not currently have a legal government, it was created from scratch in an obscure and illegal way“, a protester said, their target: Jeanine Anez, interim president and opponent of Evo Morales, who promises new elections.If you want to regain power, win the elections, because we will not allow you to rob us again“, says the president Since the beginning of the disputes in October, 19 people have died.

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