50 GB mobile plan at 7.99 euros: 2 more days to take advantage of the Capital offer

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With several hundred clients already attracted, Capital's exclusive offer (available here), organized in partnership with Bemove, is a success. For only 7.99 euros, you get a mobile plan of 50 Gigabytes (GB) for 12 months, with obviously unlimited calls and SMS. Supported by the operator Prixtel *, the customer will also benefit from one of the best coverage on the market: that of SFR. Beyond the first year, this non-binding package is billed at 12.99 euros per month. No worries, these prices remain below those found on equivalent market offers. As BeMove found, the competition fixes prices at least 10 euros the first year, and 20 euros beyond.

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Beyond its low price, the advantage of this package remains its flexibility. The subscriber only pays for what he consumes and the monthly invoice only depends on the subscribed internet envelope. If the 50 GB is not enough for the most “datavores” customers, they will automatically switch to a 100 GB envelope for 13.99 euros. The ceiling can even be raised to 200 GB per month, integrating unlimited calls and SMS to North America in the process, for just 19.99 euros. To finish convincing you, BeMove will even take care of the termination procedures for your old plan for you. To subscribe to this limited offer, meet here.

* Prixtel is a dematerialized mobile operator. Like all alternative operators, it uses the infrastructures of historic market players, in this case SFR. No network concerns are therefore to be feared.


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