63 years later, two lost lovers get married

Hand in hand like a young couple. Annette Callahan and Bob Harvey resume a dance interrupted 63 years ago. In 1956, they are both high school students and meet for the first time. “When I saw it, I thought it was the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my lifeBob Harvey says, they still have some pictures of their first story.

But at the end of high school, lovers are lost sight of. They get married and make a living on their own. In 2017, Bob Harvey's wife dies. The widower leaves in search of his youthful love, which he has never forgotten. The magic is revived 63 years later. Annette Callahan is also a widow. The couple decides to unite with the blessing of their children. At the wedding, the spouses had the same smile as at the time. They confided that this reunion offered them a supplement of youth and happiness.

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