660 hospital doctors threaten to resign and put pressure on government

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It is a big rant and a real threat from 660 doctors. In a column entitled “The public hospital is dying” and published in the JDD, these hospital doctors threaten to resign if the government “does not open real negotiations to loosen the constraint imposed on the public hospital”. “The hospital doctors may sound the alarm, the rigor has become austerity, then austerity, shortage”, write the signatories of the text, coming from “all specialties, from all hospitals, from all regions” and members of the collective Inter-hospitals calling for mobilization next Tuesday.

They regret that “the real Ministry of Health (be) now in Bercy”. “How to force the government to open a Grenelle public hospital with a real funded plan that meets the needs?”, They ask. They recall the “coding strike” implemented in some establishments several months ago to block “the billing of hospital stays to Social Security”. Then the demonstrations of November 14, which brought together several thousand caregivers and hospital staff throughout France.

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“Las: government measures for 2020 are less than 300 million additional, while the general opinion is missing 1.3 billion euros to meet the only scheduled increase in charges,” continue the signatories. They promise that 1,000 signatories will send their “letter to the minister ordering her to open negotiations with the Inter-hospitals collective … or to join them”. After nine months of crisis in the public hospital, doctors, caregivers and interns are again called to mobilize everywhere in France on Tuesday, by Inter-Hospital and Inter-Emergency groups joined by organizations of practitioners and CGT unions, FO, CFDT, CFTC, CFE-CGC, SUD, Unsa.

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