80,000 anti-independence protesters in Barcelona, ​​police say

The demonstrators, supporters of the unity of Spain, met to denounce the strategy of confrontation of the separatists.

The response of anti-independence. Tens of thousands of Catalans supporters of the unity of Spain marched on Sunday, October 27, in Barcelona, ​​to denounce the strategy of confrontation of the separatists and the violence that followed the condemnation of separatist leaders. The municipal police estimated at 80,000 the number of demonstrators. The protesters descended the Paseo de Gracia Avenue, waving Spanish and Catalan flags, and shouting “that's enough” or “the streets are for everyone”. An echo of the slogan of separatists, “the streets will always be ours”.

The anti-independence march was convened by the Societat Civil Catalana (SCC) to demonstrate that anti-independence “a silent majority”. “This is an important message for Catalonia, Spain and the world, where we often confuse independence and Catalonia”, while “we are the majority”Said SCC President Fernando Sánchez Costa. At 15 days of legislative elections on November 10, the leaders of the right-wing parties of Spain and members of the socialist government joined the demonstration.

Catalonia, a rich region of 7.5 million inhabitants, has been divided since the rise of the independence wave in 2012. The latest poll published in July by the separatist regional government of Catalonia gave 44% supporters of independence against 48.3% unionists.


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