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A Renault factory in Normandy has been particularly affected by the Covid-19 coronavirus. In the Cléon business no less than 88 cases of contamination have been counted, reports France 3 Normandy. All those whose condition is suspected have been placed in quarantine. The factory closed, and will remain closed until April. One of the employees died last weekend, the rest of the teams learned on Wednesday, March 25.

After the death of one of the site's technicians, and the multiplication of symptoms in other workers, the management decided to stop its activities. No resumption is planned before April 5. The Cleon company employs more than 3,500 people. Its teams are reinforced by 1,000 temporary workers.

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“Imminent danger”

At the time of the closure, the management of Renault Cléon put forward a “serious and imminent danger”. The site had informed its employees of the risk as early as March 16. Many of them then chose to exercise their right of withdrawal and no longer go to their place of work. A new point will be established internally on March 27.

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The number of people infected may well increase. “All those who have symptoms are at home, there is no hospitalization yet. But we know that these figures are underestimated given the few people tested,” said France 3 Normandy , William Audoux, CGT secretary at Renault Cléon. Especially since the different suspected cases were in different departments, ranging from maintenance to engineering, including industrial piloting and machining.


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