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Sophie Lévy-Ayoun / Capital

The figure of the day: 90 million euros. This is the huge selling price set for a luxury residence on the French Riviera. If the construction of this house will not be completed within two years, there is a good chance that it will become one of the most expensive in France. It must be said that this real estate project has what to impress. This residence, designed by a famous architect, will be located between the sea and the Esterel massif. It will consist of four “villas” of 250 to 300 square meters each and “two” apartments ”of 75 square meters. Outdoor and indoor pool, spa, hammam, gym are obviously part of the equipment provided. A bunker will even be integrated into this area. So tempted?

The rant of the day is pushed against the banks. It comes not from dissatisfied clients but from a syndicate of independent brokers. Its founder, Bérengère Dubus, gets angry with banking establishments that seek to break their ties with brokers. With the current low rates, some banks are seeking to separate from these intermediaries to restore their margins. Invited to Capital's “Great Real Estate Meeting”, Bérengère Dubus points out above all the consequences that this war-war could have on the borrowing conditions of individuals … Find her intervention on video on

Practical information Capital. Today we are dealing with a financial question that arises during an estate. It concerns the PEA, the stock savings plan. Is it possible to inherit a PEA after the death of its holder? The answer is no, just recalled the mediator from the Autorité des Marchés. But if the plan is automatically closed by the managing institution on the death of the subscriber, the securities held in it must not necessarily be transferred: “it is up to the beneficiaries to decide the fate of the inherited securities”, specifies the mediator . The heirs must first notify the bank which is responsible for closing the PEA. Then, the beneficiaries decide whether they convert the securities or transfer them. Please note, transfer to another existing PEA is impossible. Discover the details of this formality on our site.

We finish with the illegal downloading of films and series which could soon cost 350 euros. In order to dissuade internet users, an amendment to the audiovisual bill proposes to simplify the sanctions. After three warnings, a transactional fine of up to 350 euros would be imposed on pirates. The text, which has not yet been adopted by parliament, aims to increase the number of sanctions. In the last eight months of 2019, 650,000 warnings were sent for only 1,149 files transmitted to the prosecution and 31 judgments.

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