A Canadian has managed to deduct a canoe move from his taxes

This teacher exploited a possibility left by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Next time he plans to try again … dog sledding.

Clever. A Canadian has managed to pass a canoe trip … as a moving expense on his tax return, reports the public television channel CBC (in English), Tuesday 12th November. In June 2018, John Konecny ​​had joined Ottawa through the Rideau Canal. Throughout his journey, he was careful to keep receipts for park fees and camp firewood.

Once on the ground, he filed a claim of nearly $ 1,000 (685 euros) to the Canadian tax authorities. Last week, the teacher learned that his approach was accepted.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allows Canadians who travel more than 40 kilometers for a professional move (or for studies) to deduct certain expenses from their taxable income.

As a teacher in a small town near Toronto during the school year, he usually traveled several hundred kilometers by train, plane or car each year for a temporary contract. After having seen his transportation expenses of previous years rejected by the tax administration, he had then decided to try his luck by trying to move in another way. And it's not over: John Konecny ​​plans to make the next ride … by dog ​​sled. Contacted by AFP, the Canadian tax agency did not wish to speak on this “specific case”.


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