A doll at 5,000 dollars for sale

It is expensive the Christmas present. But the brand American Girl, belonging to the toy giant Mattel, announced the sale of a doll a little special at the end of the year, reveals CNN. This model will be sold at a price of 5,000 dollars (about 4,500 euros): a high price, which is explained by the characteristic of this “toy”, with 5,000 crystals and pearls of the Swarovski brand.

according to USA TodayIt took 40 hours to embellish this model by hand: the dolls wear a white ball gown, gloves, a handbag and a Swarovski diadem. Only three models will go on sale. They will be exhibited from November 8th to December 20th in the three flagship American Girl stores in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. What allow the “fans” to take a selfie with this doll. The three buyers will then be delivered on time for the end of year celebrations.

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No more affordable version proposed

Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl, welcomes this first collaboration with Swarovski in a press release: “We look forward to brighten the city with our dazzling holiday windows and, inside the store, we will marvel fans with our limited edition collectible dolls, “he explains.

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CNN explains that American Girl will not offer a more affordable version of this model, but that a “brighter and more attractive” dress, which can be worn by all the dolls of the brand, will be priced at $ 36 ( about 32 euros). Except that at this price, there is just glitter on the garment, no crystal or pearl.


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