a duet “magic” in “The Irishman”, the last film of Scorcese

The most anticipated American film about the Mafia will be posted on Netflix on November 27th.

The relationship between Al Pacino and Robert De Niro is “magical” the iconic director Martin Scorsese estimated a few days before the release of his next film The Irishman, which features this legendary duo of comedians. “What we see in the film is their relationship of actors, but also their relationship as friends of 40, 45 years”said Martin Scorsese, whose highly anticipated film on the mafia will be posted on Netflix on November 27.

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In The Irishman, a former killer mafia, camped by Robert De Niro, looks at his violent existence and in particular his relationship with a former union leader disappeared, played by Al Pacino. The two actors were shown, separately, from the film The Godfather Part II in 1974, before sharing the limelight in the mythical Heat in 1995.

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The Irishman is the 9th Scorsese film with De Niro. The two men have known each other since they were 16 and they hesitated for a long time before embarking on a new gangster movie after The freedmen and Casino. Before finally finding the necessary ingredient. “It turns out that it was just … we are 75, 76 years old now, you are turning around and thinking about what you have done in your life, or what you would have liked to do”.

“It was the time, the good time for us to look back on all our lives in the 60s and 70s, and Hollywood and cinema, and so this subject stayed with us”, he said. New technology has been used to rejuvenate the actors on the screen.

The film, which lasts three and a half hours and would have cost $ 160 million, has been released in a few cinemas. He is one of the favorites for the Oscars.

Martin Scorsese, 76, eight nominations for the Oscar for Best Director, was honored on Friday night in Los Angeles for the festival of the American Film Institute (AFI), which runs until next Thursday.


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