a faulty gas station distributes gasoline for free

Tuesday, November 5, the gas station Sartrouville (Yvelines) is closed. However, in the city, we only talk about the free fuel delivered by this pump, stormed by the inhabitants. “People have more and more difficulties and benefit from the situation”says a motorist. That night, at 1 am, dozens of motorists came to refuel, sometimes even with jerry cans. At issue: a computer problem. Very quickly, the information goes around social networks.

On the spot, the vigil calls the police. On arrival, the police count 150 vehicles waiting to be used and note the degradation of a CCTV camera. “My colleagues intervened and scared people around the pumps and arrested six individuals a few blocks away who were filling up a vehicle with makeshift equipment.”says Julien Lecam, member of Alliance Union 78. The investigation will have to determine if it is a simple computer bug or a piracy.

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