A French couple found dead by bullets in Catalonia

The man and woman were from Brittany and were found in a hotel room in Cadaques.

Two 29 and 30-year-old French boys from Brittany were found shot dead in their hotel room in Spain, reports Wednesday 23 October France Armorica Blue. This is a couple who lived in Guichen, in Ille-et-Vilaine.

It is the parents of the young woman who gave the alert by signaling the disappearance of their daughter on October 15 to the gendarmes of Bain-de-Bretagne. The young woman's cell phone then made it possible to locate her in Spain, and two days later, the police and customs cooperation center contacted the gendarmes of Brittany to indicate that the bodies of the two young men had been found in a room of hotel in Cadaqués, Catalonia.

An autopsy was ordered. The investigation is being conducted by the Spanish authorities and a request for a European inquiry has been made by the Rennes public prosecutor to follow the procedure. The young man had committed several robberies including that of a Leclerc that had earned him five years in prison. He admitted at the trial, to be addicted.


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