a giant squid egg discovered in the waters of a fjord

The images were shot on 6 October 2019 in the waters of a fjord by Norwegian divers. In search of a wreck, they came face to face with a strange spectacle, a floating translucent sphere containing thousands of giant squid embryos. This gelatinous mass as large as a human being was found at a depth of 17 m. A rare sight, which according to specialists, would be the work of a giant squid.

In this sphere would be thousands of calamari at the embryonic stage. As for the mother, she could look like a specimen seen in 2013. But she remains discreet because she likes to stay at the bottom of the ocean, where the temperature does not exceed 5 ° C. “The female would have found this solution, to put the eggs in a gelatinous sphere that would rise in the water column, until reaching a water at a milder temperature.This is a strategy that is absolutely unique”, lights Ludovic Dickel, professor of ethology at the University of Caen (Calvados).

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