a heavy atmosphere before the 30th anniversary

In November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, leaving thousands of Germans from the East to the West. A 30th anniversary to be celebrated on Saturday, November 9th. Laurent Desbonnet, our correspondent in Berlin, said that this year, the heart of the Germans is not at the party. “There will be no great international ceremony, no great symbolic gesture as was the case in previous anniversaries, some even speak of a heavy atmosphere”, says the journalist.

Several reasons may explain the low morale of the Germans. On the one hand, the national economy is slowing down. On the other hand the progress of the extreme right especially in the east and finally, a German government increasingly fragile. At the international level, tensions between China, Russia and the United States would be very worrying. “Some even talk about the return of the cold war”, concludes Laurent Desbonnet.

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