a lot of worries after two deaths

In just a few days, Italy has become a hotbed of the Covid-19 epidemic, including the deaths of two people who were not returning from China and were not in contact with people who were returning. “These are atypical cases, which means that we do not know exactly at the moment how they contracted the disease”, explains, directly from the village of Codogno, the journalist Alban Mikoczy.

“And then, the other problem is the exponential growth in the number of cases. Think that yesterday (Friday February 21) we were talking about six to eight patients. We went to 16 in the early morning and we are now more than thirty. Suffice to say that yes, the Italian authorities are worried. “ This rapid increase in cases of contamination raises questions about the country's level of preparedness for such an epidemic. The goal is now “to isolate an area in which we would check the number of people who are in contact with the virus”, concludes the journalist.

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