a partial alteration of the suspect's discernment

On Monday, October 28 in Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), Claude Sinké, 84, tried to set fire to a mosque, then shot and wounded two faithful who surprised him. They are still hospitalized, but their days are no longer in danger. The suspect was auditioned and then underwent a psychiatric examination after making disturbing remarks. “It concludes to a partial alteration of the discernment of Claude Sinké, which means he remains partially responsible for his actions”, explains the journalist Ambroise Ducher, live from Bayonne.

“He will be presented this afternoon in court to an examining magistrate for his indictment.The national prosecutor of terrorism does not seize the case.The charge is the attempted murder”, says the journalist of France 2. Wednesday, October 30, Claude Sinké is still heard by the officers of the judicial police of Bayonne.

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