a participatory hen house brings ecology back to town


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It's a new habit to take. Once the meal is over, the food remains do not go to the trash, but to the henhouse, which has about ten boarders. Their enclosure is installed in the middle of the condominium. It is a small piece of countryside in the center of Valence (Drôme), imagined by a resident of the building. Bastian Debut has funded everything: 700 euros for chickens and the structure, but also federated the co-owners in an adventure that is primarily ecological.

“A way to raise awareness”

The eggs can be bought for € 0.30 by the inhabitants, and the recipe reinjected for the operation of the henhouse. A large majority of co-owners voted in favor of this project, which is also seen as an educational tool. “The hen house, in addition to being an ecological project that brings social link, it is also a way to raise awareness, not only adults, but especially children”, rejoices a co-owner. If the experience of this urban chicken coop is conclusive, others could emerge in the Greater Valencian Community.

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