a quarantine difficult to set up in Italy

A whole country is mobilizing against the Covid-19 epidemic. In Italy, the president of the Council Giuseppe Conte announced Sunday March 8 that 15 million people will be confined. A way of responding to a serious and unexpected finding. “366 people died in Italy from the disease and that is a considerable figure. A figure which the authorities never even thought would reach. This proves that the situation is out of control in some hospitals in the north of the country”, describes Alban Mikoczy in duplex from Rome.

This measure concerns a quarter of the Italian population, preventing the spread of the coronavirus is no longer just a mission entrusted to the authorities. “The Italian government is appealing to the responsibility of the Italian people because there is obviously no question of putting a policeman behind each of the 15 million inhabitants. It would not be possible”, underlines the journalist of France Televisions.


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