a shipment of masks from China arrived in France

The precious shipment of masks from China arrived in the afternoon Monday, March 30, at Vatry Airport in the Marne region. On the tarmac, there is an impressive mobilization of the police, the police watch over the goods. “First of all because today everyone knows that masks are worth gold, and for us, this is an important cargo“Says Pierre N’Gahane, the prefect of Marne. It takes two hours to unload the cargo.

It will still take a lot of rotations to recover the billion masks ordered from China. “It is a new air bridge that just opened Monday evening between France and China. Ten million masks will arrive on this airport platform in Vatry, in the Marne, every two or three days approximately. It’s an airlift that’s going to last about 14 weeks. It’s long, but it’s going to take all that time, because in total, a billion masks will arrive on French territory, an impressive number and quantity. It should be known, the nursing staff consumes around 40 million masks per week, while France can only produce 8 million, hence the use of foreign companies“Said journalist Charles-Henry Boudet, direct from Vatry airport.

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