a very British fantasy film dressed to the nines

Grand Prize at the European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg, “In Fabric” renews the British vein of the fantastic cinema of the 70s.

English director Peter Strickland revisits a fantastic English cinema in In Fabric, or nonsense does wonders in an atmosphere evocative of the seventies. The story of a red dress made in hell and its consequences on their successive owners … Grand Prize of the European Festival of the fantastic film of Strasbourg, In Fabric fate Wednesday, November 20th.

In a trendy London boutique where sales are in full swing, a woman buys a red dress for a date. She is only going to provoke him with failures, embarrassments and tragedies. Trying to separate, the dress continues to reappear at home as in the store and causes the same consequences in its various buyers.

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Tamasa Distribution

The British were masters of the fantastic sketch film in the 1960s and 70s: The train of terror, The Tales of the Crypt, Shivers from beyond the graveIn Fabric returns to this genre under the leadership of Peter Strickland, close to the eccentricity of English director Robert Fuest who feasted us with The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971), his suite (1972) and Decimals of the future (1973). Films that we would call “glam” in reference to a flashy aesthetic, sequined, expressionist and swinging as the eponymous rock of the time.

From the beginning, we are bathed in the 70s, with music to the sound of a recognizable electronic keyboard, a lettering of the same years and brownish images that evoke the first films of David Cronenberg. Given his filmography, rarely shown in France, Peter Strickland pinched for the horror movies of the seventies and knows what he is talking about. He realizes a nostalgic and very current gem, on the theme of vanity, in an aesthetic film without being aesthetic, because respectful of its sources.

“In Fabric” by Peter Strickland. (Copyright Bankside Films)

In Fabric is a UFO or an OFNI (unidentified filmic object) as it is confusing. In his image, but also his scenario, disconcerting and enchanting if we let ourselves be caught.

the poster of
the poster of Peter Strickland's “In Fabric”. (Tamasa Distribution)

Kind : Fantastic
Director : Peter Strickland.
cast : Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Christie Gwendoline, Fatma Mohamed

Country : Britain
duration : 1h58
Exit : November 20th, 2019
Distributor : Tamasa Distribution

Not allowed under 12 years

Synopsis : The Dentley & Soper's ready-to-wear boutique, its small staff poured into the occult ceremonies, its salesmen with carnivorous smiles. Her red dress, superb, and as accursed as a house built on an Indian cemetery. From body to body, the piece of cloth tortures its different owners with a certain refinement in cruelty.


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