A white truffle sold at a record price in Italy

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Its size and weight will have hit home. A white truffle of just over 1 kg was auctioned at 120.00 euros, or about 120 euros per gram this Sunday, November 10. The transaction took place on the occasion of the 20th World Auction held in Alba, near Turin, Italy, says the daily La Repubblica. It is a buyer located in Hong Kong who offered this exceptional truffle. His identity has not been revealed.

The price of this truffle does not correspond to the market price which is currently around 375 euros per 100 grams. A price set on the Alba market which serves as a national reference, explains the Coldiretti, the main Italian agricultural organization. Each year for 88 years, the city of Alba hosts indeed for almost two months a great white truffle fair and this auction world famous.

500 euros the 100 grams

The Alba truffle, which is harvested between September 21st and January 31st, is a very famous product around the world and can be snapped up for gold prices. If tariffs increased by 50% in one month, from 250 euros to 375 euros per 100 grams between October and early November, it remains far from the highest rates recorded in recent years. In 2012, the 100 grams were indeed sold at 500 euros and in 2017 it was 450 euros.

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The product is found in the Italian Piedmont, Marche, Tuscany and Umbria, northern and central regions, but also further south in Lazio and Calabria. The white truffle market is estimated at around 500 million euros, Nice morning.

The profits from the Alba auction are traditionally donated to charities. This year, more than 420,000 euros have been raised. They will be donated to the “Mother's Choice” Institute in Hong Kong that helps children without families and young mothers in difficulty as well as to the Russian center Dmitry Rogachev, specialized in research on childhood cancer.


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