“a wise decision” for the Minister of Culture Franck Riester

Franck Riester, Minister of Culture, was the guest of “6:50 pm franceinfo” on Friday February 14, 2020 (screenshot). (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

In the aftermath of the collective resignation of the presidency of the Academy of Caesar, Franck Riester estimated Friday February 14 on franceinfo that it was a “wise decision”. The Minister of Culture also had reservations about the organization: “It is clear that the functioning of the Academy of Caesar raises a number of questions. The various administrators have made the decision to resign collectively. I think this decision is wise.”

Franck Riester recalled that the Academy of Cinema Arts and Techniques was an institution under private law and therefore independent. However, he “asked the CNC to work with the César Academy to modernize the César statutes”.

The Minister of Culture agrees with the main request of the signatories of a forum published on February 10 on the newspaper's website The world to ask “in-depth reform” of the Academy. “It is necessary that this academy can continue to carry the image of a diverse cinema, a cinema which represents parity, a cinema which is a symbol of openness and adequacy with the reality of the diversity of French society and French cinema “, says Franck Riester.

However, the Minister of Culture warns: “Do not mix everything up”. For him, the 12 nominations of the film I accuse by Roman Polanski is not related to the current crisis in the Académie des César. “It is very clear that those who must decide on someone's guilt, it is not the media tribunal, it is the justice tribunal and nothing else”, says Franck Riester.

Regarding the Victoires de la musique which is the 35th edition on Friday evening, more diversity is needed, Franck Riester repeats: “There has already been a problem because certain musical categories, such as urban music, have had the feeling, wrongly I think, of being set aside in relation to Victories. Perhaps the number of voting to make it more representative of the diversity and parity of our society. “

The Minister of Culture, Franck Riester also returned to the renunciation by Benjamin Griveaux to come to the town hall of Paris. he hope that “justice imposes exemplary sanctions” almost 24 hours after broadcasting videos on the internet of sexual nature and screenshots of personal conversations attributed to Benjamin Griveaux.

“What has happened in the past 24 hours is very serious, says the Minister of Culture. First, for Benjamin Griveaux and his family, what happens to them is odious. It is very serious for democracy. Since we can see that this has direct consequences on a major election “ of the next municipal elections.


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