a woman conquering space in “Proxima”

Last October, for the first time, a female duo was performing a spacewalk outside the International Station (ISS). An event certainly welcomed, but reminiscent, in 2019, the still very minority place granted to women in the space conquest. In his film ProximaAlice Winacour tells the story of Sarah, a mother and an astronaut. But on the way to his childhood dream, there is the separation from his 8 year old daughter. There are also months and months of intense training.

Proxima tells the difficulties of a woman in the space adventure. Difficulties that Claudie Haigneré, the first female European astronaut, knew and overcome twenty-five years ago with the force of the wrist. “I think that today, we have the technological means to bring the quality and the possibility of succeeding without having to go beyond physiological limits”, She says. In the film, Sarah will live exactly the same training as her male colleagues. The same training as the real women astronauts.


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