actress Myriam Boyer talking about her job

The actress Myriam Boyer in a room in the Célestins theater in Lyon (Rhône). (MAXIME JEGAT / MAXPPP)

Myriam Boyer in the room Louise with an umbrella plays the role of a worker who, for four decades, has been putting umbrella whales in a factory. Her son Antoine (played by Guillaume Viry) is Youtuber. Two distinct worlds that Louise will try to bring closer by launching into the race for municipal elections. She wants to prove to him that it is not because one works in the factory that one does not have political opinions or just opinions. Myriam Boyer insists on the distance between them two and this path to find (or find oneself). “He's the character closest to me“, she tells Elodie Suigo.

Myriam Boyer likes to get on stage and it takes him from childhood with the pleasure that recitations give him on the board. Her parents are poor, a difficult situation, and yet “there was love and there was joy“Says Myriam Boyer. There was also a radio constantly on, rock'n roll games with her brother and she who knows all the songs of the moment by heart.

She also tells Berthe, her sick mom who limps, and their proximity, their special relationship but also this shame felt by the child of a disabled parent who does not grow up in the norm. “This is something very important for a child, explains the actress, you are not the same. Besides, I used to tell her when I was little: 'I would like to put you in a small box and only me see you' “. Beyond this difference, her mother becomes especially a source of inspiration for the many roles that she will be brought to play.

At 17, she works in a jewelry store and one day burns herself by stamping a small jewelry box. This incident caused her to pass the Croix Rousse theater in her neighborhood in Lyon. She stops in front and comes across her director, who asks her if she wants to take body expression lessons. Myriam Boyer tells her that she has no money to pay them but the other invites her to come back: “She made me enter the theater and then I did not leave. It was a place where suddenly I existed, I felt in my place, people were interested in me“. And she rubs shoulders with many authors: It's really amazing, life is really well done“So well done that she received two Molières, the first in 1997 for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and a second for The life ahead in 2008.

I worked with the biggest (Chéreau, Blier …), everywhere and then I did the subjects that interested me, and still today

Myriam boyer

at franceinfo

Being a woman in this environment is not always easy and despite her joviality, she adds amused: “But beware, I smile a lot it's not easy, especially for a woman“. Myriam Boyer is proud of the film of her life.”It's very cool when you turn around and tell yourself the movies are there, indicates the actress, I made six pieces, these are my productions, these are my babies and my real baby, when we see Clovis (Cornillac) it's not bad“. Very young mom, a very strong bond unites them. She adds about her son: “We grew up together, I think it's very pretty.”


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