Actress Rose McGowan pitches Natalie Portman's surface feminist engagement at the Oscars

In a furious post on social media, Rose McGowan believed that Natalie Portman practiced a display feminism without courage and called more widely “the elite” to actions.

American actress Rose McGowan, one of the first to denounce the alleged sexual abuse of Harvey Weinstein, had little taste for the way actress Natalie Portman had decided to display her supposed feminism at the recent Academy Awards. On Facebook, she strongly criticized the “comedy“feminist played according to her by the actress on the red carpet Sunday February 9, 2020.

Very noticed, Natalie Portman was dressed in a black cape on which she had inscribed the names of several directors who, according to her, had been unjustly excluded from the 2020 selection, where no woman appeared. Embroidered in golden letters were the names of Lorene Scafaria (Queens), Lulu Wang (The farewell), Greta Gerwig (Daughters of Doctor March), Mati Diop (Atlantic), Melina Matsoukas (Queen & Slim) and Céline Sciamma (Portrait of the girl on fire).

Natalie Portman wore, at the Oscars on February 9, 2020, a cape embroidered on the reverse of the name of several directors unjustly excluded according to her from the 2020 selection. (RICHARD SHOTWELL / AP / SIPA / SIPA)

I wanted to subtly highlight the women who have not been recognized for their incredible work this yearNatalie Portmanabout her Oscars outfit

Rose McGowan did not choose subtlety in the message published on his Facebook page to blast “this kind of protest celebrated by the mainstream media for his courage“.”Courageous? No, far from it. Rather an actress who plays comedy and pretends to be someone committed. Like so many others“continues Rose McGowan, who judges”insulting to all of us who really act the kind of activism from Portman“.

And to question his colleague directly: “Natalie, you have worked with two directors during your very long career – one of them was you. You have a production company that has employed precisely a director, you“. Rose McGowan then urges Natalie Portman and the other actresses to”the elite” at “change the world” instead of “to pretend“to be on the side of other women.

Natalie Portman, winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in 2011 for her role in Black swanreplied more soberly, acknowledging in a press release that she did not deserve to be qualified as “courageous“, a term she prefers to reserve to the victims who recently testified in New York at the trial of Harvey Weinstein.

She also admits that she has not worked with as many directors as she would have liked. “I had a few experiences where I helped female directors get involved in projects that they were then forced to abandon because of the working conditions they endured“says the actress.”I mean I tried and will continue“, she adds.


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