Adèle Haenel case: Coline Serreau's rage against omerta in French cinema

Film director with films denouncing patriarchy as Three men and a bassinet, Coline Serreau gave his support on Thursday to the actress Adèle Haenel, who told Mediapart earlier this week being a victim when she was a teenager of “touching” and “harassment” by the director Christophe Ruggia.

“What is very beautiful in the testimony of Adele is that it does not incriminate only one person, it is not in a problem of personal revenge, it denounces (…) the patriarchal system in which we are women, “she says.

“We know he boasted of beating a lot of women”

If the filmmaker “hopes” that the testimony of Adele Haenel will encourage other actresses to speak, she prefers to remain cautious on the subject: “I do not want to criticize women who do not speak,” she says. “It's a difficult job”, she adds, before illustrating her story with an anecdote about the singer and actress Marie Laforêt:

“The first thing Alain Delon tells him when he meets her is, 'Do you want me to jump you?' In an elevator, what is that? We know that he boasted of beating a lot of women. We make in Cannes a very respectful and laudatory retrospective of this type! “, indignant the director of 72 years.

She then denounces the misogyny of the Cannes Film Festival: “And in Cannes, what is this exhibition of fresh meat that there is every day, where he must have heels of 20 centimeters and be dressed like a deli? Is that Art? “

“Women are abused in the movies”

Coline Serreau also lashes out against the Civil Society of Authors, Directors and Producers (ARP), which now supports Adèle Haenel but has let pass, says the director, unacceptable behavior a few years ago:

“In 2010, I attended ARP boards where a filmmaker told a filmmaker 'shut up, stay in your place, I do not know you, I'm a director and I've all the women I want. ' He was not excluded from the ARP, and now the ARP supports Adèle, that's fine. “

She concludes by denouncing the systemic sexism of the French society: “Women are abused in the movies.At 50, they disappear from the movies.It is often the shrew.It has no existence. not cinema: it is a patriarchal society in which the bodies of women and children, like the earth, belongs to someone, it is no longer tolerable, it is no longer tolerated. “


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