After a second vote, MPs finally remove palm oil from the list of biofuels, which benefit from a favorable tax regime

Faced with the anger of environmentalists and the embarrassment of part of his majority, the Prime Minister had himself asked for a second vote after the tangle of Thursday night.

A second deliberation that corrects the shot. Members have backed away, Friday, November 15 finally voting to exclude palm oil from the list of biofuels. “Very nice feeling of having put things in the right direction”, reacted on Twitter MP MP Barbara Pompili.

The elected refers to the first vote that took place on Thursday night. In the midst of the 2020 budget, MEPs had voted a postponement to 2026 of the erasure of palm oil from the list of biofuels, who benefit from a favorable tax regime. The affair had been played out in a few seconds, without discussion.

The decision was immediately denounced by the environmental associations, who denounced the deforestation caused by the production of this oil. They also castigated “the shameless lobbying of Total” who was going to be offered a “tax gift valued between 70 and 80 million euros”.

After the outcry sparked by this first vote, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe himself asked for a new deliberation, “noting the lack of sufficient debate on such an important subject”. The second deliberation was to allow “parliamentarians to feed a debate at the height of the challenge”explained the prime minister's entourage.


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