after the quarantine of a dozen cities in Italy, the concern settles in Milan

In Italy, the government has taken strong action after the deaths of two people infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Two deaths, a hundred cases and the start of a panic … Italy has placed in quarantine 11 municipalities to fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus. This Sunday, February 23, about 52,000 people wake up in areas where “neither entry nor exit will be authorized unless there is a special exemption”, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced. Closure of businesses and schools, postponement of soccer matches: the Italian government is trying to put a part of Lombardy and Veneto in order to curb the epidemic.

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Twice a week in Milan, volunteers from the Order of Malta normally go on tour to help the homeless, but even they had to suspend some on Saturday 22 February. We work a lot with the tramps in Milan but we are a little more careful “, recognize Carlo Settembrini, the coordinator of the Order of Malta group in Lombardy. His team obtained masks with filters and gloves to try to continue the tours as well as possible.

We have given up on some of our tours because we don't know what to expect.Carlo Settembriniat franceinfo

Gabriel Tosi, spokesperson for the Order of Malta, understands the start of panic. “Today on social networks, we could see images of the Milan metro which is normally crowded with Fashion Week but today it was deserted! Masks and protective gloves are practically untraceable, so yes these are attitudes that are worrying “, he explains to franceinfo. “But don't panic, relativizes Gabriel Tosi, you have to be careful and avoid going to crowded places! “

In the streets of Milan, we still see few passers-by with masks. On the other hand, Mohammed, who works in a kiosk opposite the station, wears one: “It was my boss who told me to put this mask on for my safety because it's a very touristy spot here”, he explains to franceinfo. The kiosk will keep its protection until the end of the day. “I am afraid because I have children”, he said.

For Antonio, a 35-year-old Italian who lives in London, this reaction seems disproportionate. “I got here and they took my temperature. I called my mom to ask her what's going on, He explains. I arrived at the station and saw employees in the stores with masks, it's ridiculous. ” If the wearing of the mask is indeed not indicated in Milan, it is simply no longer possible to go in the communes where the foci of the Covid-19 coronavirus are located.

After the quarantine of ten cities in Italy, the fear of the Covid-19 coronavirus settles in Milan – The report by Bruce de Galzain


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