After the rejection of Boris Johnson's calendar, will there be a postponement of Brexit?

Like all issues related to Brexit, this one does not present a clear and definitive answer.

Will the United Kingdom benefit from a further extension of Article 50, equivalent to a new Brexit postponement? After the House of Commons rejects Boris Johnson's very tight timetable to consider the bill to transpose the Brexit agreement negotiated with Brussels into British law by 31 October, the British Prime Minister should not have other solution than to solicit from the Europeans a new report.

According to the Benn law, passed in September, Boris Johnson reluctantly sent a letter asking for additional time, starting Saturday, October 19. What could happen next? It's simple. The ball is in the Brussels camp.

Donald Tusk wants a three-month extension

Upon the announcement of the results of the votes in Westminster, European Council President Donald Tusk consulted the leaders of the 27-member EU on the request to extend the UK's exit date. He urged the Twenty-Seven to accept a new Brexit postponement to avoid the risk of a“no deal”. “I propose that it be decided by written procedure”, without the need to convene a summit, ” he said, thus avoiding the heads of state and government to make the trip to Brussels again.

France wants a “few days” extension only

France does not wish “expand to infinity” the exit process of the United Kingdom from the European Union, said the Secretary of State for European Affairs, Amelie de Montchalin, Tuesday evening. “An extension is asked: what for? With what justifications? We know that time alone will not bring the solution, but a political decision.We can not extend to infinity this situation”, she said.

“At the end of the week, we will see if a purely technical extension of a few days is justified, so that the British Parliament can complete its parliamentary procedure”said Aurélie de Montchalin again. “Apart from this perspective, an extension intended to save time or rediscuss the agreement is excluded”she added.

Boris Johnson wants new elections

On the other side of the Channel, the British press is echoing government sources that ensure that the country is heading for new general elections, equivalent to legislative.

“The Parliament is completely broken, the public will have to choose whether he wants Boris to finish with Brexit, or if he wants to spend the year 2020 to make two referendums on Brexit and the independence of Scotland, under a government of Jeremy Corbyn (leader of the labor opposition), “said a source quoted by Reuters.

In any case, new elections can not be envisaged if Europe offers the United Kingdom the possibility of a short extension. However, the delay requested by London under the Benn law extends until 30 January 2019.


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