All at home! There will be sport … even confined!

All at home! There will be sport … even confined! (ASTRAPI / BAYARD PRESS)

Each day, the children tell their daily life while being confined to the answering machine for the Franceinfo junior meeting, transformed for the occasion into a special program “All at home!” At the end of the phone, the children can talk to us about their confinement, the questions they are asking, their advice to take care of on 01 47 79 40 00. From Monday to Friday, With Astrapi magazine, the children's podcast teamHi there! “ answers them on the air.

And this Thursday, we're going out with sneakers: there's going to be sport! Many children share their tips for continuing to exercise, in the garden or at home, with apps or video coaches. For Salut l'Info!, It is the boxer and Olympic champion Sarah Ourahmoune who gives her best advice to children to continue playing sports. Because it is important for health, body … and morale! On the program: small games to do with the family in the living room. The program also offers children an original activity, a story of table tennis and a stove … And a list of podcasts to listen to during sports sessions.

If your child has questions, if he has advice to share or if he wants to tell us about his experience of confinement, our answering machine “Hi there!” is open every day at 01 47 79 40 00. “Tous à la maison”, a podcast to listen to again on the Radio France, BayaM and Apple Podcast applications, on the franceinfo and Astrapi.


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