Amazon to recruit 100,000 people to handle surge in online orders

Many consumers have turned to the internet since the start of the epidemic.

If some companies are stopped, others are experiencing a revival of activity. Amazon announced on Monday March 16 that it will recruit 100,000 employees for its warehouses and deliveries in the United States to cope with a surge in online orders. Of many consumers have turned to the internet since the start of the epidemic of coronavirus.

While supermarket shelves have been emptied by consumers fearing containment or a shortage of basic necessities, distributors are busy supplying their stocks of food and hygiene products and having staff in stores and for deliveries.

Like Amazon, several American supermarket chains are looking to recruit to cope with an influx of customers and online orders. These companies are turning to restaurant, tourism and entertainment workers, who are suddenly looking for work after the closure of many establishments as part of coronavirus control measures.

“We want these people to know that we welcome them into our teams until the situation returns to normal and their previous employers are able to rehire them”, warned Amazon on its blog.


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