American actress Mo'Nique complains against Netflix for sexual and racial discrimination

Comparing Netflix's offer for a show to those given by male comedians, actress Mo'Nique found it discriminatory and took the case to court.

Oscar-winning American actress Mo'Nique announced on November 14 that she has filed a pay discrimination complaint against the Netflix video-on-demand platform, which she accuses of having offered her a contract “cheap” because she is woman and black.

In his complaint, the artist, also singer and comedian, believes that Netflix offered him early 2018 for a special show dedicated to stand-up the sum “discriminatory” $ 500,000.

“I had to make a choice: I could accept what I saw as wage discrimination or I could defend those who preceded me and those who followed me”she wrote on her Instagram account. “I chose to defend them “says the 51-year-old actress.

Charges vigorously denied by Netflix. “We are deeply committed to inclusion, equity and diversity, and we take allegations of discrimination very seriously”, told AFP a spokesman for the streaming giant. “We believe that our initial offer to Mo'Nique was fair, which is why we will defend ourselves against this complaint,” added the spokesperson.

Mo'Nique, Monique Hicks for the civil status, received the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the movie Precious in 2009. That same year, she took charge of her own talk show, which took place stopped in 2011. She has played in about twenty feature films as well as in television series and TV movies.

In the complaint she filed on Nov. 14 with a court in Los Angeles she considers the offer of Netflix “perpetuates the wage differences imposed on black women”, which according to the document earns on average in the United States only 61% of the sums paid to white men.

“There seems to be a limit to Netflix's willingness to pay for the talent of certain categories of the population, in this case black women,” said the complaint, which refers to far superior offers that would have been made to male comedians, like Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy and Ricky Gervais.


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