Americans no longer have children

The birth rate of the United States has reached in 2019 its lowest level in 32 years, which poses a real problem. In part, among others, a desire to prioritize the professional career. Kelley Dennings is 43 years old and has been living as a couple for 22 years. Graduate, she has a good job in an NGO and lives in a house with a garden, a few kilometers from Washington (United States). Everything seemed to be traced so that she founds a perfectly American family. But the couple made another choice, perfectly assumed.

“When I was 30, I just decided that children were not for me, I was focused on my career, passionate about my job, I did not see how children could do it. insert in there “she explains. Traveling, retiring sooner, it's easier without children. A choice like that of Kelley and his companion, many do in the United States, a country with a birth rate of 1.72 children per woman. However, a rate of 2.10 is required to ensure the renewal of the population.

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