Antoine Izambard dissects Chinese espionage in France

“Everyone is spying, it's true”, says Antoine Izambard. His book France-China, ldangerous connections is particularly interested in Chinese strategies to learn about the French economy and defense. “I would say that vis-à-vis China, there is a peculiarity, it's really technological catch-up and the economy.And China looks through a plan, which is the plan” China 25 “, which target a dozen sectors (aeronautics, robotics, biotechnology …) And in 2025, these sectors must be designed 70% locally “, says the author.

For companies targeted by industrial espionage, the impact is particularly important. Antoine Izambard cites a figure published by the United States: 60% of American SMEs victim of cyberattack go bankrupt within six months. The journalist also mentions the very strong presence of Chinese students in French universities, especially in Brittany. “Brittany is a traditional stronghold of the French defense and the French State points in a note the activism of Chinese students from the University of Western Brittany in Brest approaching the defense community, the military, including sailors French”, he explains.


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