Apple TV +, Netflix, Prime Video, OCS … What SVoD offer to subscribe?

Tim Cook's band launched Friday its streaming offer in a hundred countries, including France.

The war of streaming is intensifying. Apple TV + launched its offer Friday, November 1, and it will be the turn of Disney, November 12 in the United States, before other players like Warner and HBO in 2020. DSince the arrival of Netflix in France in September 2014, video-on-demand offers, called SVoD (“Subscription Video on Demand “), are multiplying to try to seduce a consumer attracted by this new way of watching movies and series. The promise is simple: unlimited access to a catalog of films and / or TV series for a subscription, usually monthly.

By the end of 2018, it is estimated that about 613 million people worldwide subscribe to an SVoD service, according to the Motion Picture Association of America (in English). By 2024, this figure could reach one billion, according to specialists. Catalog, price, viewing conditions, franceinfo reviews the various legally accessible offers.

Apple TV +

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What's this ? Apple's SVoD service launched on 1 November in around 100 countries, including France.

What will the catalog contain? Apple content exclusively, which will clearly differentiate Apple TV + from its competitors (who also offer their subscribers licensed content).

Apple “will dedicate $ 6 billion a year for original series and films to reinforce its ambitions in the field of streaming”, According to an analyst at Wedbush Securities. For comparison, Netflix has spent 13 billion in original creations in 2019. At launch, subscribers can discover for example the series See (with Jason Momoa) and The Morning Show (with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston). Apple promises to add new products every month to its catalog. Of the thirty or so films and series in preparation (some of which are detailed by the website Allociné), there are some big names, such as directors Steven Spielberg, Sofia Coppola, J. J. Abrams, Mr. Night Shyamalan.

The strong point ? For the moment, hard to say as long as we do not know the quality of productions, even if we could watch some episodes. But it's a real gamble for Apple to offer only original content because most subscribers to SVoD competing services appreciate being able to watch movies or series known.

How much will it cost ? 4.99 euros per month, with seven days of free trial. USubscription is available to customers who have purchased an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, or Mac since September 10, 2019. Six different people with an Apple ID can sign in with one subscription.

In practice… The SVoD service will be available at launch in the Apple TV app (installed by default on all iOS devices), on some Samsung Smart TVs, Roku streaming players and online via this link.

It's for you if … You are curious to discover what Apple offers as content, produced with considerable resources (each episode of The Morning Show or See cost more than an episode of the last season of Game Of Thronesas recalled Business Insider).

Disney +

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What's this ? Disney's SVoD service will be launched on November 12 in the United States and, during the first half of 2020, in France.

What will the catalog contain? The entire Disney Motion Pictures catalog, which is a first. Until now, it was difficult, if not impossible, to get some Disney cartoons, since the group's policy was to only offer video outings for a certain period of time before removing them from the sale and republishing them a few years later. later.

Owner of Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, among others, Disney will ultimately offer on its SVoD service (and if the group repatriates all its content disseminated on competing platforms) a gigantic and enticing catalog. Before the end of 2020, all Pixar movies and the saga Star Wars will be available on Disney + in the US, as well as more than 5,000 episodes from Disney Channel High School Musical) and all seasons Simpson.

Disney + will also offer unpublished content. At launch, subscribers will be able to discover The Mandalorian, a series directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The jungle Book) around the universe of Star Wars. And at least nine original films are being produced.

On the other hand, if Disney is now the majority shareholder of SVoD Hulu (The Handmaid's Tale), he does not want to integrate with Disney +, preferring to do his SVoD service for a more adult audience. Note that Hulu should also be available internationally in the near future.

The strong point ? His catalog, indispensable to all lovers of pop culture. Because, in addition to Disney cartoons, Pixar animated films, movies Star Wars and National Geographic documentaries, Disney + should eventually (before 2024) offer all films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. More exclusive content, mainly series like WandaVision, an adaptation of the film Simon's love or a live version of The Lady and the Tramp. In France, this catalog will surely be different in order to respect the new chronology of the media in force since February 2019.

How much will it cost ? At its launch in the United States, the Disney + subscription will be offered at $ 6.99 a month, or $ 69.99 a year.

In practice… Disney + will be available on SmartTV, smartphones, computers, via Chromecast, Roku and PS4 consoles. All contents can be downloaded.

It's for you if … You are a child of pop culture who still dreams watching superhero movies, animated movies or if the Force is in you.


Netflix account home page. (NETFLIX)

What's this ? The undisputed leader of SVoD services worldwide. Netflix is ​​now present in 190 countries and claims 140 million paying subscribers, including 6 million in France where the service has been accessible since 2014.

What does the catalog contain? In size, it is dizzying, especially compared to its competitors. And if it is difficult to know exactly the number of titles offered (it varies every day), the site Flixable estimates that it contains about 2,500 films and 1,200 series (including documentaries, comedy shows …). It contains homemade or related content (the “Netflix Original”) and licensed content (like the series Friends which belongs to WarnerMedia).

The strong point ? The size of its catalog obviously, but also its diversity. The American giant today produces content in nearly 30 different countries. On Netflix, you can watch Japanese reality TV (Terrace House), horror series South Korea (Kingdom) or Brazilian anticipation (3%), Bollywood films or American culinary documentaries.

Netflix is ​​also known for the fluidity of its user experience. Offering a service free (or almost) of bug and cut is a priority for the Californian firm. Finally, it relies heavily on the power of its algorithm which one of the functions is to suggest content based on what you like and what you are watching.

We subscribe for? The best series “Netflix Original” as Stranger Things, The Crown, Sex Education, Narcos, Black Mirror or Orange is the New Black… Especially since in a few years, Netflix aims to offer its subscribers only “original” content. So if you subscribe to watch Friends (still available, but certainly not for a very long time), you're doing a miscalculation.

How much does it cost ? Netflix offers monthly packages ranging from 7.99 euros to 15.99 euros, depending on the number of simultaneous screens available and the quality of streaming (standard to ultra HD). The subscription is cancellable with a single click, at any time. Up to five accounts can be created with one subscription (and it's important to use one account per person so Netflix can most reliably suggest content that suits your own tastes).

In practice… Netflix is ​​available on almost any media. Once subscribed, you can view the contents of its catalog on a Smart TV, an Apple TV, via Chromecast, on a computer (Mac or PC), a game console (PS4 and Xbox One), via the application available on iOS and Android or on the boxes of internet service providers. Note however that only certain content is downloadable and therefore accessible offline. Also note that since October 15, 2019, the subscribers to the cinema pack / series of Canal + have access to Netflix.

It's for you if … You are looking for a general service that offers content for all family members and favors choice. On the other hand, do not expect to find many old movies or auteur films.

Prime Video

Home page of a Prime Video account.
Home page of a Prime Video account. (AMAZON PRIME VIDEO)

What's this ? The streaming service offered by Amazon to all its Premium subscribers in more than 200 countries.

What does the catalog contain? Mostly movies, but also television series and some animated and documentary. Like its main competitor Netflix, Amazon Prime Video offers original content and licensed content. According to the site Justwatch, Prime Video would offer nearly 1,500 films and about 280 series.

The strong point ? The quality of its catalog that gives pride to independent studios. In France, the platform has recently made available to its subscribers The Wife, an unpublished film in France that has enabled Glenn Close to win the 2019 Golden Globe for best actress. Anxious to stand out from the competition, the Amazon studios have also bought many films screened at the last American Sundance festival and multiply partnerships with independent studios, recalls first.

We subscribe for? His series of excellent quality as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Multi-rewarded) American Gods (adapted from Neil Gaiman's novel), Homecoming (with Julia Roberts), I love dick, Transparent or One Mississippi. And on the side of licensed content, Prime Video also offers some classics like Lost, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld or The Big Bang Theory. Amazon studios are producing a highly anticipated series adapted from Lord of the Rings, the saga of cult novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. They have also signed a partnership with Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of the series Westworld who are currently developing a science fiction series for the platform, The Peripheral.

On the film side, we find with pleasure some of the most famous feature films of pop culture Fight Club, the saga Indiana Jones, Grease or Reservoir Dogs,

How much does it cost ? 5.99 euros per month or 49 euros per year, payable in one go. The same subscription to Amazon Prime also allows you to benefit from the free delivery in 24 hours of the products shipped by Amazon on the online sales site. The package also gives you access to Twitch Prime (video game enthusiasts who have a Twitch account can link to their Amazon Prime account for benefits), to Amazon Drive (for photo storage), to the Kindle loan library (offering the possibility to borrow a free e-book each month) and Amazon Prime Day, the two days of sales that Amazon offers each summer.

In practice… Prime Video is accessible in many ways like Netflix, but unlike its competitor, it can not be “Chromecast” (you will not be able to display the content on your TV) and has a less well-designed interface. Also note that the Amazon streaming site does not yet offer VF content (the recent tests have been catastrophic, as the story tells Numerama) but only subtitled video.

It's for you if … You're not afraid of being dumped in conversations at the coffee machine and you'd rather have a head start for the next Emmy Awards (no one apart from you had seen The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when the series won the Golden Globe in the best comedy series in 2018).

OCS on demand

Home page of an OCS Go account.
OCS Go. (OCS) Account Home Page

What's this ? The Orange streaming service (formerly OCS Go) which comes in addition to the OCS Max channels package, OCS Choc, OCS City and OCS Géants.

What does the catalog contain? Especially movies and series, mostly American since OCS has signed many agreements with Hollywood studios, such as Sony Pictures and MGM, but also with AMC and HBO channels. According to the site Justwatch, there would be on OCS on demand about 400 films and a little more than 90 series.

As for films, OCS has a quality catalog including recent works (Call Me by Your Name, Blade Runner 2049, Two days, one night), some feature films (the Charlie Chaplin) and indispensable pop culture (Watchmen, Karate Kid or The Thing). As for the series, the platform also offers some original productions (OCS Signature label) still very confidential as Twenty five, Missions, HP or Irresponsible.

The strong point ? Firstly for the varied, sharp, and regularly renewed cinematographic selection, and the HBO series catalog. Then, because OCS on demand proposes, on some iconic series (like Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Handmaid's Tale or True Detective), a broadcast in “US +24” (24 hours after the broadcast in the United States) or in “simulcast” (along with the American broadcast) to stick as much as possible to the news. The service also offers themes that allow you to see films by Takeshi Kitano, John Carpenter or a selection of cult westerns.

We subscribe for? The excellence of the HBO catalog that contains some of the best TV series like The Wire, Six Feet Under, The Sopranos for the most iconic, but also Sex and the City or True Blood. More recently, the inevitable Game Of Thrones which is coming to an end soon, but also Girls, Sharp Objects, The Leftovers or Big Little Lies.

How much does it cost ? 9.99 euros per month if you want to watch the programs only in nomadic mode (on smartphone, tablet or computer) with two simultaneous screens. For additional use on the television and up to three screens simultaneously, count 11.99 euros per month. Both offers are non-binding.

In practice… OCS On Demand is available on computer, tablet, mobile, but also on Smart TV, Apple TV, via Chromecast and box internet providers. It also has an offline mode. Also note that subscribers to the Cine / Canal + pack have access to OCS channels.

It's for you if … You are more film than series, or if you want to make a solid culture series by devouring the unparalleled HBO catalog.

Canal + Series

The interface of the SVoD Canal + Series website presented on different viewing media.
The interface of the SVoD Canal + Series website presented on different viewing media. (CANAL +)

What's this ? Formerly called Canalplay, Canal + Séries is the new SVoD offer of the Canal group.

What does the catalog contain? As the name suggests, only series. The day of its launch, March 12, Numerama had identified 136. It contains original series Canal + and foreign series, many of which come from the American channel FX.

We subscribe for? A catalog of very high quality. Between the outstanding Anglo-Saxon series as pose, Killing Eve, the little Israeli pearl Miguel, the flawless Italian drama Gomorra, The integrals of The Americans, Buffy against the vampires, Dexter, 24 Hours Chrono, Californication or the excellent Canal + original productions like Hippocrates, gears, mafiosa or Black baron (The Legends Office is not yet available on the platform), Canal + Séries is certainly the most advanced SVoD service in terms of TV series.

The strong point ? A production house of excellent quality. Canal + is at the origin of some of the best French series, ofgears at Short Passing by Ghosts or the recent adaptation of Virginie Despentes' bestseller, Vernon Subutex. And unlike its competitors, Canal + Series allows you to download episodes on your computer (and not just via the mobile application) to watch them offline.

How much does it cost ? Count 6.99 euros per month for a single screen, 9.99 euros for two simultaneous screens and 11.99 euros for four screens. However, all offers offer at least the HD (unlike Netflix).

In practice… We subscribe to Canal + Series by subscribing on the page of MyCanal. Then you have access to the catalog on your computer, tablet or mobile. Canal + Series is also available on Android TV via Chromecast. It is also available for free in the internet offer Bbox Ultym Bouygues Telecom.

It's for you if … You are a true seriesphile.

SFR Play

The homepage of SFR Play.
The homepage of SFR Play. (SFR)

What's this ? The streaming service offered by SFR whether or not we subscribe to the operator via his phone or internet box.

What does the catalog contain? A little bit of everything. Series, films, youth content and documentaries. according to Justwatch, the catalog contains about 130 films and 80 series. Few nuggets, but some good surprises like the British series The Honorable Woman with Maggie Gyllenhaal, not found among competitors.

The strong point ? Today, this service targets young audiences because SFR Play has a lot of Disney content such as animated feature films Cars, Vice versa or Yonder and some interesting Japanese animation series like My Hero Academia or Super Dragon Ball. Problem, this part of the offer will disappear when Disney has repatriated its contents for its own SVoD. As for adults, they will console themselves with series like Mr. Robot, Scandal or Downton Abbey.

How much does it cost ? 9.99 euros per month without commitment if you are not a SFR customer. For SFR box internet Power, Power + and Premium customers, SFR Play is included in the package. For mobile customers, count 5 euros per month or 10 euros per month if you are RED customer. In any case, the subscription allows to connect up to five devices simultaneously.

In practice… SFR Play is accessible on smartphone or tablet, via Chromecast or SFR boxes (read above).

It's for you if … You have children and you subscribe to the internet via a SFR box. Or if you have a big budget SVoD and you do not want to miss anything. Otherwise, we do not see much interest.


The homepage of an unlimited access account FilmoTV.
The home page of an unlimited access account FilmoTV. (FilmoTV)

What's this ? The French SVoD service specialized in cinema, created in 2008 (well before the arrival of Netflix in France).

What does the catalog contain? More than 600 films classified by genre or theme, one-third of which are renewed every month. The opportunity to (re) see the best films of François Truffaut, Park Chan-wook or discover the filmography of Adèle Haenel and James Stewart. Note that because of the media chronology that applies in France, a movie released in cinemas can only be available on an SVoD service 15 to 17 months after its release, depending on the number of entries made. However, you can find them for rent or purchase much earlier (between three and four months), FilmoTV is also a VoD service (video on demand), whose catalog is close to 2,000 contents.

The strong point ? A catalog varied and renewed regularly, but also video shows (accessible free) on directors or actors.

How much does it cost ? Subscription to the SVoD service is offered at 6.99 euros, without commitment. It also offers a 50% discount on most movies available only for renting and buying on the platform.

In practice… FilmoTV is available on computer, on all internet box, on tablet and smartphone, on PS3 and PS4 consoles or on Smart TV. Note that four screens can be used simultaneously per account.

It's for you if … You are a film buff who likes to go to theaters to discover new releases and enjoys being able to complete his cinematographic culture at every moment of the day.


The Starzplay home screen, available in Arab countries such as Algeria, Tunisia or Lebanon.
The Starzplay home screen, available in Arab countries such as Algeria, Tunisia or Lebanon. (STARZPLAY)

What's this ? The SVoD site of the US pay channel Starz, direct competitor of Showtime and HBO in the United States. It is available in France via the Apple TV application.

What does the catalog contain? In France, we already know a very small part of Starz's catalog through series like American Gods, The White Princess, Boss, Ash vs. evil Dead or Outlander. But the channel has a lot more to offer. In the United Kingdom and Germany, where the Starzplay offer is already present in partnership with Prime Video, the catalog offers many other series, but also more than 250 films, cartoons for children and stand-up.

The strong point ? Many historical series in costumes and the recent series of director Gregg Araki, Now Apocalypse.

How much does it cost ? 4.99 euros per month, with seven days of free trial.

In practice… Starzplay is available via the Apple TV application accessible from iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Samsung Smart TV.

It's for you if … You are a big consumer of SVoD.


The homepage of Salto.
The homepage of Salto. (SALTO)

What's this ? The SVoD service of the French television channels which proposes to gather on a single platform contents of France Televisions, TF1 and M6.

What will the catalog contain? With a budget of around 135 million euros according to The letter a, Difficult to compete with the giants of the sector (Netflix has invested 8 billion in 2018). On the other hand, the availability of flagship French series, such as Ten percent, Captain Marleau, Red Bracelets, DELETED or the animation series Lastman could allow Salto to differentiate itself from its competitors.

The strong point ? An offer – mostly French – global, which will centralize the programs for the moment scattered on Netflix, Prime Video, OCS and channel replay sites. Salto could also be an opportunity to test the “pre-broadcast”, that is to say the provision of content before broadcast on the antenna (as already proposed by Arte in France via

How much will it cost ? according to The worldSalto could offer two subscription options. The first would offer, for 2 to 5 euros per month, the possibility to watch the channels of these three groups with a function “start-over” (the possibility of watching a program from the beginning even if it has already started), a replay extended to more than seven days and the ability to watch previous episodes of a series being broadcast (“stacking”). A second formula, around 7 to 8 euros per month, would offer subscribers unlimited access to a catalog of series, films, documentaries … mainly French and European.

In practice… Announced in June 2018, the project Salto is waiting but after a few administrative hiatuses, we can hope for a launch no later than the second half of 2020, reports the Cnet site.

It's for you if … You prefer to watch French or European creations and you are still very attached to TV programs.


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