Are you waiting for fiber optics? You will finally know when the connection is planned

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The Electronic Communications, Post and Press Distribution Regulatory Authority has updated its map to keep you informed.

Good news if you are still not connected to fiber optics. As explained Clubic, the regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution (Arcep) announced that it has updated a useful tool to help you take your troubles patiently: the fiber optic deployment card in France. “The site allows you to view the buildings and follow the progress of FTTH deployments precisely. The forecast view allows you to find out about the connection time to the fiber at the commune level,” says Arcep. on social media.

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Updated every three months

This map, available at this address with several viewing modes (plan with terrain, light-colored plan, etc.), was updated on March 5. As the information relayed is updated every three months, this is information dating back to December 31, 2019 which is accessible. On this card, you can have access to more information about your accommodation regarding its connection to fiber optics.

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All stages of this operation are specified: you can find out if the connection is “programmed”, if your accommodation is “connectable on request”, or if the fiber is “being deployed” or “deployed”. According to Arcep figures, 18.3 million dwellings were eligible for fiber-to-the-home on FTTH networks.



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