Argentina: Presidential election against the backdrop of the explosion of misery

The Argentineans are called to elect their President of the Republic Sunday, October 27 in a very tense social climate. The country is going through its worst economic crisis since 2001, against the backdrop of galloping inflation, rising unemployment and the explosion of poverty. A third of the population is now living below the poverty line, which is a good illustration of the extreme poverty. Because in the capital Buenos Aires, the faces of the people affected change, so it is the middle class that is hit hard.

In the queue of a soup kitchen, regulars see new arrivals frequently. “I have to pay for children's studies, clothes, shoes. And we can not do it anymore. We earn 123 euros a month, tell me how to do that?Monica Barrios asks, she has even been forced to sell the apartment she had in town to live in a shanty town, and is targeting the liberal policies of outgoing President Mauricio Macri, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

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