Ariane Ascaride distinguished by the Venice Film Festival for her role in “Gloria Mundi” by Robert Guédiguian

On the occasion of the theatrical release on Wednesday 27 November, Gloria MundiDirected by Robert Guédiguian, the journalist Pascale Deschamps met the actress Ariane Ascaride, in the poster of this film. The meeting takes place in the museum Jacquemart-André, in Paris. Ariane Ascaride plays Jeannette, in Marius and Jeannetterole that earned him a Caesar. She is also the favorite actress of Robert Guédiguian, the filmmaker from Marseille who has been left behind, whose life and values ​​she has shared for thirty years. Gloria MundiIt's the story of a man coming out of prison. His wife has remarried and her daughter has just had a baby. He discovers a family that is struggling to make ends meet. What worth to Ariane Ascaride the prestigious award for interpretation at the Venice Film Festival, the country of her grandparents emigrants, to which she dedicated her prize.

Pascale Deschamps also evokes the Alana collection, which is on display at the Jacquemart-André museum. “This is the collection of a couple of Chileans, Alvaro Saieh and Ana Guzmán, composed of 75 masterpieces of Italian painting between the 13th and 17th centuries, from the primitive to the Baroque. 'an unparalleled collection worthy of a great museum'she explains. She will remain exposed until January 20, 2020. The journalist then takes us to discover the Folies Gruss. “The Gruss family are equestrian sport specialists, we are in the 4th generation, among the artists there are 11 family members”, says Pascale Deschamps, who salutes “an original circus show” and “a very new, very intimate experience”because the public has the opportunity to exchange with the artists about their passion for the circus. The show takes place in Paris until February 23, 2020.

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