Arrest of singer Rokia Traoré in France: Mali in solidarity

The Malian government said it was in solidarity with the famous singer Rokia Traoré, arrested in France under a European arrest warrant issued by Belgian justice in a dispute over the custody of her daughter, born to a Belgian father.

The Malian government “expresses solidarity with our compatriot” and assures the Malian public “that the consular and diplomatic services are mobilized for a happy outcome of the question“.

The government confirms in a press release that Mrs. Traoré is the holder of a Malian diplomatic passport, thus consolidating the grievances of the artist's lawyer against the French authorities, guilty according to him of having ignored this state of affairs.

The singer was arrested Tuesday, March 10 at the Parisian airport of Roissy, when he got off a plane from Bamako.

According to Me Kenneth Feliho, the arrest is linked to a European arrest warrant issued in Brussels against her for “kidnapping, forcible confinement and hostage taking” because she did not hand over her five-year-old daughter to her Belgian father, from whom Rokia Traoré is separated, when a 2019 judgment forced her to do so.

In fact, the Belgian prosecutor's office told AFP, the artist was the subject of two European arrest warrants. The first was issued on October 23, 2019 for non-compliance with the trial judgment rendered a few months ago. Heard on January 22, 2020 by a Brussels judge, Ms. Traoré had declared that she would return to present the child within one month, which she did not do, prompting a second arrest warrant for non-compliance. presentation of child, underlined the parquet floor.

The singer challenges from the beginning the decision of the Belgian justice to entrust the exclusive custody of the child to her father, according to Me Feliho. She appealed the trial judgment.

Rokia Traoré was imprisoned after her arrest and a hearing is now scheduled in Paris on March 18 to examine the request for the singer's surrender to Belgium.

Rokia Traoré, singer and guitarist, is also known for her commitment to refugees and for having been appointed in 2016 as a goodwill ambassador by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“She was going to Paris to then take a train for her appeal hearing in Brussels, but also as part of a mission for Malian cultural affairs for which she had a diplomatic passport”, protested his lawyer.


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