At the children's film festival, the youngest ones vote for the best film

The 20th edition of the children's film festival is held in Vizille and Villard-Bonnot (Isère) until October 30, 2019.

This year, the Children's Film Festival is 20 years old! A cutting-edge and eclectic program chosen for young audiences around a theme: the 20 essential films of the organizers.

Like any self-respecting festival, the children's film festival also has a competition, a prize list, prizes and of course a jury. And not just any jury! Here to vote you must be under 12 years old! Nans, Agathe and Thépo are ready to decide on works as varied as, My life of zucchini, Red like the sky, Table, or Matilda to give them a Grand Prize and a Special Prize. “A film that will please me is a film both touching and funny“, says Agathe.

For 10 days, 300 sessions and 20 films are scheduled in the two host municipalities: Vizille and Villard-Bonnot. A true oxygen bubble in the heart of autumn, the festival attracts a loyal audience. Every year, we find regulars, who go from simple spectators to committed volunteers. “VSis an event that I expect all year long“, assures a young moviegoer.

The programming consists of animated films and great classic movies for all ages. The little ones will feast with Pat and Mat in winter and the older ones will appreciate The path of freedom.

In the radius of the previews, we spotted Zebulon the dragon, A little family tune, Kirikou and the witch or Ariol takes the plane.

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Children's Film Festival from 21 to 30 October 2019


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