Attacks of November 13: the traumas of a “survivor”

When she draws, she has the impression of escaping. Catherine Bertrand was at Bataclan on November 13 and many trauma. The paintings she paints are necessarily dark. She gave an appearance to this stress that never leaves her: a ball. A malaise that is expressed daily by anxiety attacks triggered sometimes by a simple noise or a crowd too dense.

Hallucinations, paranoid attacks, the body does not forget the shock it has received. “My brain thought I was going to die so he's traumatized for life”she explains. On the Place de la République (Paris), where she likes to go when she has the strength, a plaque and a tree were placed in memory of the victims of the Bataclan.

Catherine Bertrand is the author of Chroniques d'une survivante. (La Martiniere edition)

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