Audrey Pulvar, “the government does not measure the impact of AirBnB”

Audrey Pulvar, Anne Hidalgo's support to the Parisian municipal and present on one of the outgoing mayor's lists, was franceinfo's guest on Saturday, November 2nd.

“The government does not measure the impact of AirBnB, on the issue of housing, in very tense areas as is the case in Paris”Audrey Pulvar said Saturday on franceinfo. The former journalist is now a spokesperson for Paris in common, a support platform for Anne Hidalgo.

The government refuses to restrict the number of days of hire via AirBnB in Paris, and to lower the legal limit of 120 nights per year, as desired by the municipality. “There are tens of thousands of square meters that escape the rental and the possibility for households to stay because of this device”, estimates Audrey Pulvar.

Paris is in a situation of strong tension on the real estate, it seems to us therefore absolutely abnormal not being able to act strongly.Audrey Pulvarat franceinfo

The Minister of the City and Housing, Julien Denormandie, announced this week the introduction of the decree establishing the obligation for AirBnB to give the mayors who wish the list of housing rented through the platform. For Audrey Pulvar it's “part of the solution”, but the one in second place on Anne Hidalgo's 2020 list stresses the need to lower the number of nights allowed.


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