Aurlus Mabélé, figure of the Congolese rumba, died in Paris at the age of 67, victim of the pandemic

The singer, Congolese, legend of the soukouss, was in fragile health for several years. The coronavirus prevailed.

Singer Aurlus Mabélé, a figure in the soukouss, a modern version of Congolese rumba, died Thursday in Paris at the age of 67, victim of the coronavirus, his daughter Liza Monet announced on social networks.

My dad died of coronavirus this morning, thank you for honoring his memory. It is a great legend of the soukouss that the Congolese people lose today“, writes rapper Liza Monet on Twitter in particular.

Claudy Siar, the producer of the program “Couleurs Tropicales” on RFI, also announces the news and pays tribute to the singer in a video posted on the internet. His former collaborator Mav Cacharel also confirms it on Facebook.

His real name Aurélien Miatsonama, Aurlus Mabélé, born in Brazzaville, Congo, in the Poto-Poto district, established himself on the soukouss scene in the 1980s with the group Loketo, founded in the company of guitarist Diblo Dibala .

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The soukouss is a variant of Congolese rumba from the 50s, 60s, but in faster and more modern thanks to the contribution of synthetic sounds and rhythm machines. In the 1990s, he brought a Caribbean touch to his music, which earned him some success in the West Indies, like another older Congolese group, Les Bantous de la Capitale.

The musician had been in poor health for fifteen years, and had already suffered a stroke. His latest album, It will know, Was released in 2004.

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