Avolon cancels orders for 75 Boeing 737 MAXs and four Airbus A330s

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Another blow for Boeing. Ireland-based aircraft rental company Avolon announced on Friday April 3 that it had canceled an order for 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be initially delivered between 2020 and 2023 in order to “better align with market conditions” at the following the coronavirus pandemic. When the company finalized this order in 2017, which also included options for 20 additional devices, it was valued at $ 11 billion. Avolon also canceled an order for four Airbus A330 neo.

The lessor has also postponed the delivery of 16 aircraft in the 737 MAX range and 9 aircraft in the A320 neo range. It is an additional setback for Boeing which, in addition to all the setbacks linked to the consequences of the two close accidents of its 737 MAX which made a total of 346 deaths, must now face the crisis affecting aviation head on. Many airlines are indeed paralyzed by the spread of the coronavirus and the accompanying containment measures such as the closing of borders.

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British Airways announced on Thursday that it will place a majority of its workers on short-time working. Boeing said the cancellation of Avolon was the result of a mutual agreement following negotiations on the consequences of the two fatal accidents to the 737 MAX, banned from flying since March 2019. “It is also the right decision for adjust to the realities of the current market as we try to balance supply and demand while protecting the value of the 737 MAX, particularly for aircraft rental companies, “said the aeronautical giant.

New setback for Boeing

Boeing had previously announced that it had recorded more cancellations in January and February, including 43 737 MAX aircraft, than new orders. The group, which also had to temporarily halt production of long-haul flights in Washington state (northwest) as part of containment measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, set up this Thursday, April 2 voluntary departure plan.


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