Bakery: the job struggles to recruit

Bakeries are struggling to find the next generation. In a Parisian shop, the boss can not find a replacement. “For us, it's a real worry to say to ourselves 'will we find?'”says Clément Buisson, baker. If the candidates seem little motivated, it is because of the constraints of the job. Some positions require a lot of skill and technique. “It's frustrating because we want to pass on our job and we want to show them what we can do”continues Clement Buisson. Fortunately, others manage to transmit the call of the trade.

A passionate bakery couple is testing a future apprentice in a small Norman village. In the face of success, they need extra arms. At the age of 25, Jérémy reconverted himself to a demanding job that does not scare him. After a successful test, he will become an apprentice in the bakery.

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