bars and restaurants have reopened in northern Germany

Fifty-three days that the “Zur Fähre” was closed. This tavern, which has existed for seven centuries, is a bit of the soul of Stralsund, 300 km north of Berlin. The seaside resort of the Baltic Sea is a small town, normally very touristy, which comes back to life but slowly.

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Bars and restaurants have reopened in the Land of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The inhabitants of this region of northern Germany are the first to benefit from wider deconfinement measures in the country.

The mayor of Stralsund passes a head in the tavern. Unthinkable for Alexander Badrow, on this day of reopening of his city, not to toast. “It had never happened to see this bar closed, he explains. We are delighted to see customers, and soon tourists from all over Europe like the French. Welcome everyone. Here is a corner of paradise! “

Life comes back, but not quite, says Inès, sipping her beer: “It's not like before. Everyone is on guard. We know there is always this threat of the disease and now if everything reopens, things could get worse and the number of case is increasing. ”

The fear is there, but today we try not to think about it.

Inès, resident of Stralsund

No more than two families per table, the boss at her meter to measure the distances and a blue notebook to note the name of each client in case the epidemic starts again.

Stralsund was spared the coronavirus epidemic with only ten cases per 60,000 residents and one death. But everyone knows it will take time. This first day of opening in the Land of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was also received in a very measured way. Only a third of the city's restaurants have set their tables.


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